12 Breath-taking Locations To Visit In The Italian Alps And Dolomites

The Italian Alps are an enthralling wonderland of rocky mountain panorama, leafy alpine grasslands, alluring villages and sparkling lakes. Wrapping a stunning mountain-filled arc sweeping across the top of the country, the Italian Alps are a scenic wonderland; a tract of realistic rugged beauty surging with amazing places to visit.

High up in the Italian mounts, walk along high-alpine paths under razor-sharp upright mountains; relish the tranquillity of emerald lakes gleaming with a glacial glow; or savour the magnificence of flower-filled alpine fields.

At the downward altitudes unwind in wonderful Italian villages, sail on lakes banded with palaces, explore one of the most popular cities in the world or sip wine in historical surroundings.

5 Best Places To  Visit In The Italian Alps

With shimmering glacial lakes, flower-covered grasslands, vital Italian towns and some of the best hiking in Italy, here are our recommendations for the top places to visit in the Italian Alps.

1 – Tre Cime Di Lavaredo

There are more amazing mounts on the planet than Tre Cime di Lavaredo. Three looming mountains, standing side by side, surge above a sea of boulders. Their near-vertical viewpoints rise to pointy peaks.

The most iconic views of these Italian peaks can only be glimpsed walking the Tre Cime loop. The ways are simple and the premia are breath-taking. Several perfectly placed rifugios propose a refreshing lager, a warm coffee and savoury Italian food throughout the hike. Tre Cime is a famous location for Dolomites photography and an excellent half-day out in the mountains.

Tre Cime: The Highlights

On the Tre Cime walk, make sure you stop off at Rifugio Locatelli (Dreizinnenhütte) for a tea break with one of the best views in the Alps.

2 – Lago Di Braies

Long up in the cliffs and encircled by rocky peaks, the Italian Alps are packed with extraordinary green-blue lakes. Best viewed in the early morning or late afternoon (when the wind is low), the shimmering stunning alpine view is indicated in cool rippling water.

The astonishing colour is established from water that streams down the valleys holding up white particles obtained from glaciers grating against mountains.

Probably the most outstanding of these lakes is Lago di Braies, the picture-perfect lake enfold by the mighty rock face of Seekofel.

Lago di Braies: The Highlights

Vacate the popular lake behind and tour the high alpine panorama of Prato Piazza. The perspectives from the Monte Specie voyage are completely remarkable.

High up in the mountains and surrounded by jagged peaks, Lago di Braies is one of the most impressive places to visit in the Italian Dolomites.

3 – Seceda Ridgeline

The Puez-Odle mountains are like a mangled saw. Leaned and whirled pointy teeth form a ragged cliff of mountains. Nowhere else in the Italian Alps can you discern such a mish-mash of climbing peaks combatting for your attention.

The best view of these crooked peaks is at the Seceda Ridgeline. Just a quick stroll from the Furnes-Seceda cable car meeting, a cord of looming mountains form a dramatic photography area in the Italian Alps. The grassy hill with a slim pathway leading up to the ridgeline is the excellent vantage point from which to take in the procession.

Seceda: The Highlights

 After obtaining the remarkable views of Seceda, take the simple downhill hike past different excellent rifugios to the city of St Christina.

4 – Como

As the mounts of the Italian Alps fall into foothills and hurrying rivers hold up more and more water they ultimately form great lakes. The tremendous and most stunning of these is Lake Como. As the primary centre on the lake, the hamlet of Como is one of the satisfactory places to visit in the Italian Alps.

Walk the old town perfectly with wonderful squares, alluring churches and a host of fascinating and bizarre museums. The church is one of the most outstanding buildings in the city and the funicular to Brunate delivers a staggeringly extraordinary view of the lakes.

Como: The Highlights

Organise a boat trip to the lovely village of Varenna, an idyllic Italian Alps village ideally placed on a peninsula where the three legs of the Lake Como meet.

5 – Val di Funes

Instagram has given rise to prestige to Val di Funes. This once calm valley, pleated into the northern Italian mountains, now sees hundreds of travellers reach to seize the iconic views of its two churches.

San Giovanni and Santa Maddalena stand in whirling hay grasslands still farmed traditionally. But it’s not just the rustic nation phenomenon that makes them special. Surging almost vertically behind them are the rocky peaks of the Puez-Odle massif.

Head here at morning or sunset and the churches with their committing backdrops are beautifully lit. A photographer’s fantasy, a memorable vista and a favourite on our Instagram channel.

Val di Funes: The Highlights

Take a sunset walk along the elegant Panoramaweg, a manageable hiking path high above the valley floor. It contributes one of the best vantage points to view the Townley set amongst working plantations.

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