5 Amazing Facts About Jeff Bezos’ Wealth

5 Amazing Facts About Jeff Bezos’ Wealth

You may be amazed to discover that $1.7 million for Jeff Bezos is the exact same as $1 for the average American. According to Forbes Real-Time Billionaires List,

Jeff Bezos is the wealthiest person in the world with a net worth of $211.4 billion,

Here are some more astonishing facts about Amazon and Blue Origin Founder Jeff Bezos’ wealth:

He Doesn’t make a huge salary out of Amazon

His annual income from Amazon in 2020 was $81,840, which entitles him to middle-income earnings in his residence state of California. In 2020, he took no rewards, stocks, or options, nonetheless, he reaped $1,600,000 from other kinds of compensation as according to the website Salary.com.

The major part of his Net Worth Comes from Amazon Stock

His growth in wealth in 2020 came primarily from Amazon stock prices, which increased from $3,055 this time last year to $3,646. Bezos occupies 10.3% of Amazon shares, according to Forbes reports.

Jeff Besos Makes more in one second as compared to many people make in a week

Taking into summary his surging net worth over the past few years, according to Vizaca.com, Bezos amasses about $8.99 billion per month, $2.25 billion per week, or $321 million per day. If you want to know how much Bezos makes per second, you might be surprised. Vizaca breaks down the estimations to report that Bezos makes $3,715 per second. According to the Department of Labor Bureau of Statistics, this earning is more than the median full-time weekly wage for most Americans which is $984 per week, or $24.60 per hour. And it’s certainly more than the median wage for Amazon employees, which was barely $29,007 per year or $557.82 per week in 2020, based on Business Insider figures. Bezos earned 58 times that in 2020 from Amazon income alone when you factor in his $1.6 million in additional compensation.

Bezos is the 1st Person with $200 Billion

In August 2020, Bezos became the first person to attain a net worth of $200 billion, outperforming French billionaire Bernard Arnault and Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk. Bezos lost the title of the richest person in America briefly to Musk in January 2021 but was back on the tip in spring 2021 when his net worth once again surpassed the $200 billion mark as Amazon share prices rose.

He’s Spent $1 Billion Per Year on his other venture Blue Origin

Bezos established private space travel company Blue Origin in 2000 and has been spending $1 billion of his own wealth per year on the firm, according to MarketWatch. As we all know in July, this summer, Bezos and 3 other passengers put up with an 11-minute flight on the Blue Origin vessel, New Glenn, striking the 62-mile high boundary generally accepted as the boundary between earth’s atmosphere and outer space. Aviation costs more than $2.5 million per minute. The highest-priced ticket went to Oliver Daemen, who conserved the fourth seat for a price of $28 million in a philanthropy auction, according to the El Paso Times.

More about Jeff Bezos:

Jeff is 57 years old and is the founder and executive chair of Amazon. He has additional assets in Blue Origin ($7.15 billion private assets), The Washington Post ($250 million private assets), and $9.75 billion in cash.

 He established Amazon in 1994 in a garage in Seattle after withdrawing from the hedge fund giant D.E. Shaw. He has initially shared the idea of setting an online book shop with his prior boss David E. Shaw who indicates no interest in it.

Initially begun with bookselling, Amazon has since triumphed it into a one-stop shop for everything under its roof and has now evolved into the world’s largest retailer.

Amazon’s share price shot up on the raised demand for online shopping as lockdowns impel customers to stay home in 2020.

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