A review of Best VPS services by MainVPS

Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting is assistance delivered by a hosting provider wherein the host takes care of all tasks related to server management. This comprises things such as core updates, software installation, security, and data backup, among additional things. Accordingly, you can concentrate your attention on thriving and improving your business rather than consuming time on server administration. There are a lot of web hosts who deliver VPS hosting. Still, this article will point to the hosting services delivered by MainVPS, the best web hosting provider. MainVPS is a web hosting provider that delivers services with trust, accountability and affordability. Businesses that are seeking web hosting solutions can get desired services according to their needs. They cater for web hosting, dedicated servers, VPS and Reseller hosting.

Outlines of VPS Hosting Service

  • cPanel: With MainVPS VPS hosting, you receive a full-featured cPanel, that is pre-installed and configured. The cPanel is a user-friendly control panel that allows you to manage your VPS, comprising your domains, email accounts, files and databases. The cPanel also empowers access to a SitePad website builder. The SitePad builder makes it easy for everyone, from beginners to professionals, to build a website.Furthermore, MainVPS delivers an endless number of web pages. In other phrases, there is no restriction on the size of the site you can build. Consequently, you can put in as many images and elements as you need, and if essential, you can upgrade your hosting plan so it fits the scale of your site.
  • Performance: When it comes to the performance of their servers, MainVPS doesn’t take any shortways. Their servers accentuate quad-core processors with SSD collections. Their data centers also utilize UPS systems to mitigate power losses. As an outcome, the websites they host are credible and fast.
  • Handling Service: All of MainVPS servers are regulated 24/7. Further, they operate firewall systems to deter hacking, DDoS protection, and custom security regulations to safeguard against constant security hazards. MainVPS also blacklists skeptical IP addresses and provides a Spam Assasin tool to safeguard your email accounts. They also deliver SSL site encryption and password-protected manuals. Likewise, as part of their service they update all your software to protect it against new vulnerabilities.


Benefits setting MainVPS apart:

Uptime and Server Performance

A server’s uptime is the cumulative time that a server is online and fully active. Server uptime is incredibly significant because when the server goes down, so does your site. This could arise in a loss of business, as probable customers will determine your website doesn’t exist. Consequently, you must choose a web host that delivers reliable uptime. Fortunately, MainVPS assures an uptime of 99.9%.

Customer Support

Your website symbolizes your business to consumers around the world. Therefore you must get support with any problems as soon as possible. MainVPS delivers maximum customer support through chat and email. They also empower phone support.


The speed of your server specifies the speed at which your site loads. Unfortunately, website users have little to no tolerance when it comes to loading speeds. If your website doesn’t load within two seconds, you’ll lose that user and probable customer. MainVPS VPS hosting plans are curated for speed. They also deliver cache technology to improve website loading speed further.

Final Points: When selecting a hosting provider, MainVPS sets itself apart from other web hosting services through its goal to offer exceptional web hosting services

and they assure 99.9% uptime, fast servers, a user-friendly cPanel, maximum customer support, and unlimited resources.

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