Can Affiliate Marketing make you rich?

How much wealth can you earn in affiliate marketing? Is affiliate marketing still successful? How much time needs to be maintained before starting earning a decent income from affiliate programs? These questions and dozens of related questions are shouting out from multiple discussions. And you can constantly find beginners fascinated by the notion of passive income suspiciously evaluating this opportunity to earn.

The affiliate marketing business is thriving steadily. Statista recorded that spending on affiliate marketing only in the U.S. is foreseen to increase to $8.2 billion by 2022. Thus there is surely an expanse to ripen and earn. And we speculate that even more than that we see models of super-affiliates publicly sharing their earnings summaries and telling their achievement stories.

How Much Money Can You Make in Affiliate Marketing in 2021?

  • Famous affiliate marketer Pat Flynn thrived his affiliate career from $8000 to $100.000 per month;
  • Tom from Onlinemediamasters took off from $20k to $150k of annual income over two years.
  • Doug Cunnington earned $70k in 2017 from just one niche website.

Affiliate Commission Arena in Various Niches:

Not only do affiliate circumstances vary in various niches, but you also won’t likely find related situations and oddities about affiliate programs within a particular niche. Top Affiliate Company Vellko provides various top-earning verticals to make affiliates earn more and more income. Here are just a few affiliate niches with examples of affiliate earning:

Software affiliate schemes

Should you admire the most successful affiliate programs, then peek into the recommendation of software and web hosting providers. Here the commission may be up to 30% on each payment.

E-Commerce affiliate schemes

In eCommerce, you require a big audience to receive a decent income. Let’s take an example of Amazon, where you can reap from 4% to 8.5% commission on deals. But as all these are primarily B2C sales, where the review amount is comparatively low. But with a huge audience and sufficient effort, you can make at least $1,000 with nearly 20-40 hours of monthly work.

Dating affiliate schemes

In the Dating niche, affiliate commissions may seem like this: up to $12 per lead, up to 5$ for referral commission, and up to $500 for the early order. If an affiliate program has a bonus program, your commission can boost after a specific amount of sign-ups.

Loans affiliate schemes

Loans form a niche where businesses are fiercely striving for clients, and you can receive decent earnings from this affiliate niche as well.

Fitness and Nutra affiliate schemes

The topic of an active lifestyle has been one of the most talked-about for quite a while. And it’s continuously accumulating. Endorsing fitness and health commodities, you can earn up to 15-40% commission from every accessory sale.

Making Money in affiliate marketing as a publisher

If you begin from scratch and with no investments, your foremost choice is to become a publisher and promote commodities. Sounds pretty reasonable, doesn’t it? While it may sound so, it is not that simple in the procedure.

Looking in affiliate marketing cannot do without two crucial steps:

  • Select a niche
  • Evaluate launching a blog or other platform where you will post related content

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