Christina Applegate discloses multiple sclerosis diagnosis

Christina Applegate discloses multiple sclerosis diagnoses

She asserted by saying it’s been a tough road for her. A few months ago, actress Christina Applegate was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. For those who are unaware of Multiple Sclerosis, it is a central nervous system disease/disorder that disrupts information’s sequence or flows within the brain and body.

What is Multiple Sclerosis?

An illness in which one’s immune system consumes away at the protecting covering of nerves. In this disease, resulting nerve harm disrupts communication that happens between the brain and the body. Multiple sclerosis results in numerous different symptoms, comprising vision loss, pain, tiredness and inadequate coordination. The signs, severity and interval can differ from person to person. Some individuals can have severe chronic signs or symptoms that will always stay while some may feel symptom-free for most of their lives. Meditation and physiotherapy have been proven therapies and they can help suppress the immune system that assists slow disease progression.

Celebrities having Multiple Sclerosis

Other stars surviving with Multiple Sclerosis constitute Selma Blair, Montel Williams, Clay Walker ,Joan Didion, Jack Osbourne, Teri Garr and Jamie-Lynn Sigler. In 2008, this star from ‘Dead to Me’ also fought breast cancer and suffered a double mastectomy.

Applegate’s confession

The Emmy Award-winning actress revealed her being into MS disease by tweeting that it’s been a strange journey for her. But being surrounded by people who support her and some of them also have the same conditions. The road has been tough but as all know the road keeps going, unless some blocks it. Adding on when asked about privacy she said as one of her friends who was suffering from this disease explained to her to wake up and take indicated actions, and she follows the same.

The official National Multiple Sclerosis Society website describes Multiple Sclerosis as “an uncertain, often incapacitating disease of the central nervous system that disrupts the flow of info within the brain, and between the brain and body.”

Though the disease is speculated to be accelerated by environmental aspects in an individual with a genetic tendency to respond, it can have an unknown cause, the website indicates.

About Applegate

Adding stars in her cap, Christina got famous as a child artist on the sitcom ‘Married…with Children’ from the year 1987 to 1997 and went on by having a successful career as an adult in TV, film and theatre. During her entire career, she got an Emmy Award, Tony Award and four Golden Globe nominations.

Some of Applegate’s remarkable performances to date comprise her roles on the sitcoms ‘Jesse’ and ‘Samantha Who?’, anchor Veronica Corningstone on ‘Anchorman’, and Rachel’s sis in ‘Friends’ for which she won an Emmy in 2003. She recently featured alongside Linda Cardellini in Netflix’s Dead to Me’.

 The actress formerly piped up about health battles in 2008, when she was diagnosed with breast cancer and suffered a double mastectomy. Applegate disclosed she had also removed her ovaries and fallopian tubes to deter further cancer diagnoses in 2017.

Expressing herself on the ‘Today’ show, Jamie-Lynn Sigler asserted that in 2008, her cousin passed away due to ovarian cancer. She could prevent that. This is the way she has taken control of everything and it’s a relief. She hopes to not get hit by a bus.

Christina opened up in 2019 about going on to battle with her body image more than a decade after her surgery. She said that she thinks about it every day. She also talks about those who have a home through this by saying that everything looks different. She battled with that and now she is battling with MS.


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