Easiest hacks to access geo-restricted content in your region on Netflix

With the inception of the internet, the content functional to anyone for anything is tremendous. Still, not all content is applicable everywhere. Yea, that’s TRUE. An overpowering quantity of content available on the internet is geo-restricted. This implies specific content is only functional for consumption ONLY in specific areas.

But there’s no necessity to be concerned because every trouble arrives with its solutions. It so goes on that there are quite a few strategies to access geo-blocked content without utilizing illegal means. In this blog, we’ll be talking about the two most commonly used manners to do that.

1. VPNs

The main and greatly popular manner to unblock content with geo-restrictions is employing a VPN, abbreviation of Virtual Private Network. A VPN is approximately an assortment of servers placed in various parts of the world. These servers enable routing of your internet traffic, and in doing that shifts your location on the internet and voila, you can approach content that’s not generally available in your area.

Since the internet acknowledges all users attached to it utilizing IP addresses, a VPN’s major modus operandi is to cover your IP address. A VPN utilizes an encryption channel to spoof your location. In layman words, you reach the subway at one end and exit at the other with your IP address altered.

VPNs work considerably at unblocking geo-restricted content. Still, there’s a tiny issue, most of the content makers or streaming outlets like Netflix, Disney Plus, Hulu etc. have limitations on VPNs. So, if you employ a sub-standard VPN to access Netflix content that’s deterred in your area, you’ll obtain a Netflix proxy error.

This happens because Netflix can perceive if a low-quality VPN is being employed, and will block access. To avert the Netflix proxy error, you’ll have to either shift to an adequate VPN provider or change servers if you already are employing a good VPN service.

2. DNS Servers

Another typically used method to access geo-restricted content is employing a DNS server. A DNS server essentially converts website addresses into IP addresses and therefore assists you to connect to the internet and access content. Visualize the DNS server as a phone catalog for the internet. It discovers the right IP address conforming to a website’s name and thereby, it allows you to access the website.

A DNS server practically establishes a tunnel that doesn’t remake your IP address but rather routes it via a different server and this is what compels the internet to believe you’re accessing content from a distinct location. 

The best thing about DNS servers is that they function on all gadgets connected to your home network. The unpleasant bit about DNS servers is that they won’t allow you to stream content that’s restricted in your area. So, you can access websites that are geo-blocked in your area, but not the content.

How to employ a DNS server?

To successfully employ. a DNS server, you have to play with the DNS settings established in your router. Employing a DNS service enables you to access these settings via a computer or an online device.

The largely popular DNS server is the Google Public DNS. To function it, all you have to do is to rewrite your IPv4 address to and your IPv6 address to You can access these in your network settings set up on your device. Google’s DNS server is also amongst the quickest DNS servers available.

DNS Servers VS VPNs

The major difference between VPNs from a DNS service is that all of your internet actions are delivered through the tunnel. This slows your internet connection when attaching to a VPN. This is why you require only to utilize it when accessing the restricted content. Disable it when you’re performing other things.

Final Take

If you’re seeking to bypass geo-restrictions on content that is not generally available in your area, you can either select a DNS server or a VPN service. Nevertheless, keep in mind that a VPN is more credible but rarely slower than a DNS server. The choice would always rely on what fits your pocket, need and usage the best.

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