How to convert a JPG image to PDF- the guide

The regular format for images that are put up with from your Android is JPG. The compressed image format helps to cut down on storage space. To go on to the initial steps from there you can opt for online tools that are available to convert images from one format to the other. Follow the below-mentioned guide to get started!

How to convert JPG to PDF- for Android

  • Get on to the feature-packed JPG to PDF tool
  • Upload a JPG image from your Android mobile. You can also take a fresh image/picture instantly
  • Wait for the file to save as a PDF
  • Export the PDF to Google Drive or Dropbox or download it back to your Android
  • Click on jpg to pdf for android
  • Upload your JPG to begun
  • And here you go to convert JPG to PDF

Most asked questions about JPG to PDF Conversion

How’d your tool do this?

 There are various online apps or websites available to convert the files from several formats to several other formats. But before choosing them you must know how safe these websites are and if they are causing any harm to your privacy. Smallpdf is the greatly prominent online PDF tool for all your file conversion-related needs as per data they have more than 25 million users every month. But as they deal with such big amounts of data, they have united with PDF Tools to create their JPG to PDF converter for Android, for seekers. The format of the images should be completely protected, even after the file transfer.

In case you have obtained images of your device from other sources, such as GIF, PNG, TIFF, and BMP one can also shoot them into their converter. Smallpdf approves a broad variety of file formats on top of images, comprising your favorite Microsoft Office files: PPT, Mac, and Excel.

Can I adjust/modify the JPG before the conversion?

 Once the image has been uploaded to the JPG to PDF converter on the Android phone, the device will show a preview of the image, along with an extraordinary option to adjust the width and height, edge, page size, and page orientation. As you fly over each of the image thumbnails, you will also be introduced with selections to zoom in and delete particular images.

Post JPG to PDF conversion modification

 After you are done with converting your JPG to PDF, you can employ more than 17 other PDF methods to improve the output file further. All are functional via the homepage, and a few of the methods include:

  • Delete pages: identical function as the one delivered within the preview, but for PDFs
  • Rotate – rotate individual or multiple pages
  • Edit – for annotation and/or redaction
  • Merge – to integrate all the images that you’ve converted to PDF into one handy file

Your images won’t be saved online forever, is it so? 

No, not at all. The online tools/ websites don’t store your images. Most of the prominent image conversion websites remove every image in an hour. This should provide you with more than ample time to upload, convert, and download your files since the available tools are speedy.

Sharing converted files

 Though the converted files can be readily downloaded and shared via email, we can take file-sharing one step even further. Once you have converted the file you want an option to ‘share file’ will be shown to generate a specified unique link to share or directly mail someone with the files that are converted. Better, however, there is a choice for you to rewrite the name of the converted file, so there’s nothing that requires it to be done outside of the available platform.

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