Human by Nature- God’s Own Country, Kerala

One must feel the luckiest travelling to the mesmerising state of Kerala. Nature parcels its premium in abundance and the impact is magnified by the beautiful people of Kerala. It is also known as God’s Own Country as it witnesses the historic temples and marvellous architectures of the times when lord Vishnu used to reside in there. Let’s have a look over why Kerala is a place to must visit:

Wonderful People

The people in Kerala are so honest and dedicated to their work that they surely provide great goals to learn from them. They have decency in behaviour and are the most soft-spoken people I have ever seen. They are always ready to help others and they are literate to understand most of the languages.

 Verdant Nature

The shades of green you observe in Kerala are incredible, be it the forest or the rice fields! Glamping over acres of lush rice fields is relieving for the city frayed nerves. But it seizes on another dimension during the monsoons, then you are in for a unique feast. Everything has a delicate look. Waters come as if they will never end, yet to disappear leaving behind sunshine! I got on bird watching through paddy fields on one of my trips. Even though I don’t talk in the same language, I was welcomed warmly everywhere I went!

Savoury Food

Kerala has a bunch to offer when it comes to veg and non-veg food. I would any day take a modest meal of sambar, rice, green vegetables with papad and pickle! When I say I do not eat fish I have seen people giving me stunning looks, because they feel I am missing out on a lot of specialities but I will take the delicious vegetarian stuff every day to eat in a five-star hotel or a homestay!

Rejuvenating Ayurveda

I remember reviewing in a boutique hotel in Fort Kochi where they gave me a flattering foot massage, that was my first fling with Ayurveda. Two gleaming women gave me 15 minutes of paradise! Since then I have encountered many Ayurvedic treatments, from the unique steam chamber to keep up in an Ayurvedic resort. Some of my best soup recipes come from the Ayurvedic style of cooking!  

Righteous Adventures

Kerala has been the site of some of my awesome explorations. I have sighted wild elephants crossing the freeway on a village drive around Wayanad. I have walked through the mist to reach the heart-shaped Chembra Lake. But the absolute zenith has been my kayaking experience through the popular backwaters at Alappuzha. It was the first time I saw the inside of a Kayak. I was anxious. But the ever-glowing Dipu put me at peace and off we went Kayaking through the outbacks of Kerala. When you sit in a Kayak you are nearly at the level of the water, everything is so nearby! I had a nice time shifting between rowing and taking pictures for two hours! We ended up having tender coconut water and having breakfast at a local shop!

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