International Yoga Day: Embracing the glory of healthful life

Occupied schedules, prolonged working hours, toxic habits, pressure take a toll on our body and mind. The rising number of mental and bodily problems among the millennials are a reminder that we require to practice something that rejuvenates our body and mind. One such holistic physical activity that you can indulge in is Yoga. The term ‘Yoga’ originated from a Sanskrit word ‘yuji’, which implies union. The historical practice is not only well-known in India but has attained recognition all over the world. Whether you wish to lose weight, get shining skin, or boost your level of concentration, Yoga is the solution to all your problems. 21st June is celebrated as International Yoga Day around the globe.

Why Do We Celebrate Yoga Day?

The International Day of Yoga is observed on 21st June to globally boost awareness about the advantages of the ancient practice. International Yoga Day has been accepted under the plan of ‘Global Health and Foreign Policy’. Resolution 69/131 recognizes Yoga as a holistic technique for health and well-being.

Yoga FAQs for the Beginners

If you intend to start yoga trials, there may be a lot of concerns in your mind. Elucidating these fundamental questions can enable you to make the right decision before you begin with your yoga sessions. Here are 5 fundamental FAQs about yoga for beginners.

Which Yoga Technique do you need to follow?

Learners need to be aware of the reality that there are various forms of yoga that they can exercise. Fast-paced, slow-paced, ruminative and therapeutic are some of the various forms of yoga that you can rehearse. Each technique of yoga is very distinct from the other and the advantages also differ. Preferring the right yoga style relies on a lot of aspects such as your age, fitness objectives, level of training, current status and personality. Learners need to attempt various styles of yoga to determine which form will meet their requirements.

What do you Have to Wear?

There are no recommended clothing for practising yoga. You can wear anything that you feel comfortable in such as leggings, yoga pants or sweatpants. Still, make sure that you don’t wear too rigid clothes that not only cause discomfort but also make it hard to stretch your body. In addition, you also require a good yoga mat so that you can exercise yoga comfortably.

What can you Eat before Yoga?

Avert eating anything before your yoga session. Practising yoga on a full stomach will prepare you to be very uncomfortable. Make sure that your stomach is vacant during the yoga session. There requires at least 2-4 hours of gap between your training and yoga session. If you don’t want to practice yoga on a blank stomach, you can drink a mug of green tea or coffee before your yoga trials.

What is the Best Time to Practice Yoga?

The adequate time to practice yoga is in the mornings. Turning on your day with a session of yoga will assist you to stay enthusiastic and focused throughout the day. The reason is that fresh air in the sunrise enables you to get ready for the challenges of the day. As your muscles are quite rigid in the morning, practising yoga at this time tightens your muscles and also expands flexibility.

How Many Times do you require to Practice Yoga?

Relying on your schedule, you can either follow yoga classes once a week or daily. Exercising yoga once a day, even for 5 minutes can be very helpful for you. The nicest part is you can take on yoga classes as often as you need. If you don’t have the time to attend classes, you can exercise yoga in your living room. Nonetheless, make sure that you breathe right to avoid practising yoga at home.

Advantages Of Yoga

The relief techniques of yoga asanas can enable in lessening chronic pain, headaches, arthritis issues and lower back pain. Yoga is also effective in lowering blood pressure and reducing insomnia. Yoga is helpful for people undergoing lifestyle diseases and fitness disorders. Some of the other bodily advantages of yoga are:

  • Safety from injury
  • Adequate flexibility
  • Boosted muscle strength and tone
  • Retains weight
  • Promising athletic performance
  • Symmetries metabolism

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