iPhone 13 Features Price Specs all you need to know

iPhone 13 Feature, Price, Specs- all you need to know

The iPhone 13 is predicted to arrive in the 3rd week of September. Besides the launch timeline, a lot more info about this smartphone has emerged online. So without any more bustle, let’s discover everything known so far about the most awaited phone, iPhone 13.


  • iPhone 13, may launched in the 3rd week of September
  • It may provide up to 1TB of storage
  • It is also deemed to sport a greater battery

The iPhone 13 is coming upon its conventional launch timeline, i.e. September. While we do not have a specific launch date, a recent report indicates that the smartphone will appear in the 3rd week of September. In expansion to that, all iPhone 13 models will bring a LiDAR sensor, the report claims. Nonetheless, an earlier report contradicts explaining that this feature would be limited to the Pro models. Moreover, the smartphone may underline an always-on display feature, execution of which should be comparable to the Apple Watch Series 6.

As documented before, the iPhone 13 is also anticipated to see a few alterations on the design front. The greatly substantial being the beginning of a trimmed down a notch. In extension to that, the device may bring a tad bit thicker and detect bigger lenses. The upgrade in width is possible to match a bigger-sized battery. But that’s not it, we collected plenty of info about the iPhone 13.

iPhone 13 specs, details, and rumors

–A new report around iPhone 13 delivers hints about the scheduled launch timeline. The smartphone may launch in the third week of September, as per security analyst Daniel Ives. Apple has been pretty consistent with the launch of its forthcoming iPhones, and the brand is inclined to pursue suit even this year.

–That explained, the supply of iPhones and iPads are presumed to take a severe hit, as per Apple’s chief financial officer Luca Maestri. And that’s especially because of the worldwide chipset shortage the globe is facing right now. While graphics cards, game consoles, and carmakers are the ones that are the terrible hits. The smartphone business is also affected to some degree, which is perhaps why we see a bunch of rebadged phones. Assessing the current situation, the iPhone 13 may ship in fixed numbers, at least initially.

–Moving ahead, the iPhone 13 will get up to 1TB of onboard storage, claimed by Wedbush Analyst. The previous month, TrendForce denied the certainty saying that the forthcoming lineup will export with storage identical to iPhone 12 lineup. Presently, the storage is limited to 512GB, and if the leak comes out to be true, it will be an admirable change.

–Another document from a California-based investment company declares that the whole iPhone 13 lineup will underline a LiDAR sensor. Whereas TrenForce documented that the feature would be specified to the Pro models. Moreover, the smartphone is deemed to feature an always-on display similar to what we have seen on the Apple Watch.

–We have also heard about the inclusion of a larger coil for quick wireless charging and reverse wireless charging. EverythingApplePro in a YouTube video indicated that the expansion in size might enhance heat management and lead to elevated wattage support. This, in turn, implies that we may see fast wireless charging on forthcoming iPhone 13 models.

 –As far as we talk about the design, the iPhone 13 may look essentially similar to the current-gen iPhones. Still, it is deemed to feature a thin notch, as noticed by plenty of reports. Apple is said to accomplish this by positioning the infrared flood illuminator, sensor, and dot projector in a sole module. In extension to that, the earpiece will also be shifted to the top.

–Moreover, a summary from Digitimes explains that the die size of the VCSEL chip utilized in the Face-ID system will decrease by 40 percent to 50 percent. This deduction in chip size appears to be another reason for the thin notch. Not to miss, the smartphone is also tilted to see diagonal cameras.

iPhone 13 price in India

Recent leaks do not give a lot of news about the pricing of the iPhone 13. That explained, a summary from TrendForce says the pricing will continue the same for this year. The base variant of the iPhone 12 gets on for Rs 79,990, so the iPhone 13 may be priced likewise in the country.

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