Snapchat-Crash-Downtime, acceptance & Resolving the issue

Snapchat Crash: Downtime, acceptance & Resolving the issue

What is Snapchat?

Snapchat is a multimedia (audio-visual) social media platform that has over 293 million daily users. Developed by Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy, and Reggie Brown, Snapchat was introduced a decade ago. The social media app enables users, often inferred as Snapchatters, to share messages as well as short videos (snap) on the app. It is accessible for download in the App Store for Apple users and Play Store for Android users. 

As the latest update, Snapchat is no longer down but are you still having trouble loading it? Let’s find out what happened to Snapchat, the unknown crash and its settling.  To all the Snapchat users, here’s some satisfactory news for you! The social media app has taken off from “Snapchat down” to “Snapchat no longer down” and you can ultimately use it again. Yes, you read the right! Snapchat is up and functioning once more, according to a tweet broadcasted by Snapchat Support on its official account. It is big & good news for those who have been wondering what’s incorrect with Snapchat or why Snapchat won’t begin after an unspecified issue resulted in the social media app crashing.

Snapchat Down: What Happened Earlier

With the arising of this issue, thousands of people searched and tagged “Snapchat down” in search engines and social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. People are having a tough time opening/loading the app a few hours before.

Question asked vastly by people online:

  • Is Snapchat down?
  • Why is Snapchat not working?
  • Is Snapchat down right now?

Acceptance from Snapchat:

Snapchat Support admitted the issue with a tweet that acknowledges that they are aware of the issue and are looking for a door to fix the problem.

The Snapchat tweet says, “Hang tight, we are looking into it and working on a fix!”

Snapchat No Longer Down: Still Having Trouble?

Around 5 hours after Snapchat went down, the popular social media app is now up and running once more.  A follow-up tweet posted by Snapchat Support announces that the problem has already been resolved and can be opened once again by Snapchatters around the globe.

Despite the resolve, there’s however a chance that users may experience some problem with opening the social media app. According to Snapchat Support, users just have to manually update the app in the app store.

Snapchat Issue

Snapchat’s Support Team has already acknowledged the problem and has tweeted a statement that this problem is under the team’s oversight. The company is already functioning on a fix, but it did not clarify the nature of its login issues from the company. The technical support team also did not share any timeline with regards to rectifying the application, and only said that it would look into the matter and attempt to fix the problem so that it may be serviceable. These are the identical statements that other companies have put out, but for others, they shortly specify the issue that made their service faulty or has issues.

Snapchat Down: A (Recent) History

Snapchat has a record of crashing now and then and this latest occurrence of “Snapchat down” will possibly not be the last of it. Merely the previous month, the Snapchat crash occurred due to the launch of iOS update, version by the social media app. This issue barely affected Apple users at that time as Android users didn’t report any such issue to Snapchat. A patch update was released to rectify the issue and Snapchatters were equipped to launch the social media app again. The previous year, there were also occurrences of “Snapchat down” as well, especially in March and April.

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