Top 5 Ways to Drive Traffic to Website Using Social Media

In today’s world, developing a website or initiating a new blog is one of the great &  vital steps towards small business success. It is the essential basis to create an online presence and expand your business.

Online businesses have utilized several marketing techniques in the past. Let’s assess many years ago when social media platforms were not incredibly profitable. We can say that during those times, search engines were the vastly major source for driving traffic to your website.

Now that they’re famous among users, you should be aware of the several ways to drive traffic to your website from social media. Today the quantity of social media users is extremely high, and social media marketing cannot be avoided. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram are among the extensively prominent social media networks. If we want to select between SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and social media marketing, it is certainly not simple. Each of them has its extraordinary benefits. The most crucial aspect is that you can utilize a technique to effectively accumulate your business for both of them. This blog will bring up some useful ways to drive traffic to your website from social media. After looking over this blog, you’ll be competent to boost your search engine rankings, increase traffic and eventually improve your business sales.

How to Drive Traffic to your Website from Social Media

Website traffic implies the number of users arriving at a website. When a website’s traffic upswings, it precisely implies that an elevated number of users are seeing that website. A game-changing benefit you can achieve from social media branding is to improve your website’s traffic; that is if you pay attention to some facets that we’ll clarify below.

Here are 5 important ways to drive traffic to a website from social media platforms:

1) Add the Site Sharing Button

One of the greatest significant aspects of boosting a website’s ranking in search engines is putting in share buttons. Although social shares aren’t officially a Google indexing indication, they can however positively influence your site’s traffic.

So if you plan to leverage social media to enhance your site’s SEO, we suggest you put the website sharing buttons on all your content. Now presume your blog is shared by users 5  times a day, and each of these users retains at least 100 followers. So, the likelihoods are your link will be watched by 500 people daily. Accordingly, employing this technique has a substantial impact on boosting your traffic quickly and also assists to increase your ranking in Google. Search engines also utilize social media content keywords to rank shared links. This implies that if you have shared the website link with your content on social media channels such as Twitter, for promising results, you should encompass the relevant keywords utilized in the content in each tweet.

2) Put Website Links on Social Media Profiles

Another way you can prosper from social media in SEO is to impose a website link in your social media profile. For instance, if you have established an Instagram page for your website, just assign your link in the Bio column. This way, you’re preparing it simple for users to click on it, directing to developing direct traffic for you. But our objective is to increase SEO and boost the website’s ranking via Google search results. The links you set in your social media profiles are common “Do Follow.”

This implies that these networks tell Google that these links are of tremendous value and that Google will enhance your website ranking. It’s valuable to remark that according to Matt Cutts, Google does pay attention to Twitter and Facebook links for ranking; still, it’s not an official ranking component.

So make certain you set your website link in your social media profile. You should furthermore point out that the links you post to some social media posts are not clickable.

3) Optimize Social Media Profile

It does not matter which formats you’re utilizing; you must use that network in the best feasible way to improve your website traffic.  The profile page on social media is the greatest important thing you require to optimize because this category is directly in the view of users.  If you optimize this area appropriately, users will be better inclined to think about visiting your site. Profile optimization facilitates users to reach your website. With the entry of more users to your site, traffic also improves. Moreover, once they’re on your website, you can collect more information about them by employing contact forms or newsletter sign-ups. You can utilize this data later to improve your marketing actions. So be certain to have an appealing profile with a website link and motivate users to click on the website link.

4) Employ the Power of Influencers

Another aspect to have the promising results from social media in SEO is to establish partnerships with social media influencers. Teaming with them enables your business to increase exposure and persuade new people. This will direct more people to visit your site and increase its traffic.

Social media influencers are producing a significant influence in this online world.

  • The influencers have loyal followers and widespread popularity on social media.
  • They can affect the way their followers think.
  • They have fulfilling social engagement rates and can assist your business to attain awareness.
  • The fundamental to establishing this partnership is to discover the right influencer to endorse your brand and products.

To discover a niche and favorable Influencers, you can utilize an influencer marketing platform and select the influencers that fit your brand and vice from among many.

5) Formulate Valuable Content

Ultimately, another route to boost the traffic to your site via social media is to establish challenging, useful content that will assist you to drive more traffic to your website. Formulating content that is aligned with the attractions of your followers and users will assist with thriving your website traffic. Think about it for a minute. When people are convinced with what you create and share, they’re extra inclined to become eager in visiting your website to comprehend more of the value you’re getting to them. Still, you can also encompass your objectives when curating content for your audience.

Accordingly, always seek to formulate content that both persuade people’s interest and is parallel to your objectives.

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