Ultimate 8 Biggest Diamonds in the World

Ultimate 8 Biggest Diamond in the World

Diamond has always been the talk of the town for the people who desire to know, write and some may want to purchase the diamond. Diamond is one of the popularly known and most sought-after Gemstones. Diamonds have been used as embellishing items since archaic times. The high dispersion of light in diamond and its hardness makes it usable for industrial application and fascinating as jewelry. Diamonds are such a highly marketed item that numerous organizations have been formulated for valuing and certifying them established on the four Cs, namely color, cut, clarity, and carat. The additional factors, like the presence or lack of fluorescence, also influence the desirability and accordingly the worth of a diamond utilized for jewelry.

The Biggest Diamond in the world:

Did you recognize the most important and arguably the extensively prominent gem-quality diamond ever to be formed within the beautiful Cullinan diamond?

Found in 1905, in South Africa, the hard diamond weighed an enormous 3106 carats named after the founder Sir Thomas Cullinan. The diamond was then delivered to the United Kingdom, King Edward VII as a gift and carried to Amsterdam, where it was cut. Today, the diamond comprises 9 large stones and 96 smaller stones; 2 of the biggest stones shaping the portion of the Crown Jewels. However, acknowledge it or not, the diamond is solely one of the biggest diamonds ever to be found in the world.

Let’s dive into the list of the 8 biggest diamonds ever found on earth:

  1. THE EXCELSIOR DIAMOND: This stunning diamond weighs 995.20 carats and secures the 3rd largest gem quality’s hard diamond. This beautiful Excelsior diamond is recognized for being the second-largest diamond to be found ever in Africa after Callinan. The discovery of this diamond took place at the Jagersfontein Mine in South Africa near Kimberley in 1893. The blue-white shaded diamond weighs approximately 995.20 carats and continues to be the third-largest hard diamond of gem quality ever to be found.
  1. THE MILLENNIUM STAR DIAMOND: Second largest colourless diamond with highest colour rating. This astonishing diamond is the second-largest colourless diamond with the biggest colour rating of D in the world. It was founded by the De Beers Group in the Democratic Republic of Congo and valued at an approximate price of R2 billion in 1990. This remarkable diamond weighs 777 carats.
  1. THE INCOMPARABLE DIAMOND: A 407.48 carats Congolese diamond was discovered in 1989 by a young girl. It  was foreseen to be weighted an approximate 890 carats when she fell upon the diamond. She finds the diamond lying on a bundle of rubbish and gives it to her uncle who trades it to the diamond dealer. The diamond was then shipped to the city of Antwerp, Belgian, where it took master craftsmen years to cut into an elegant yellow-brown diamond that turned out weighing 407.48 carats.
  1. THE SERGIO DIAMOND: This wonderful diamond is known to outweigh the Biggest Cullinan Diamond in carat weighing. Named as Sergio this black carbonado diamond is popular for outweighing the stone in carat weight. Rare black diamond was founded in 1893 in Brazil with a weight of 3167 in total.
  1. THE WOYIE RIVER DIAMOND: Again found in Africa, this tremendous diamond is the third-largest gemstone to be ever discovered in Africa. Founded in 1945, the Woyie River diamond has been driven from a river in Sierra Leone near Koidu. This hard diamond weighed 770 carats and is called the biggest alluvial diamond ever found. After the Cullinan and Excelsior diamond, this diamond is also the third-largest gemstone to be found in Africa. The diamond turned out to be cut and smoothed into 30 smaller colourless diamonds.
  1. THE STAR OF SIERRA LEONE DIAMOND: This beauty is the 4th largest gem-quality diamond. In 1972, this diamond was discovered on Valentine’s Day in Sierra Leone, in a river near Koidu. Purchased by Harry Winston for R34 million, this hard diamond weighed approximately 968.9 carats. The Star of Sierra Leone continues to be the 4th largest gem-quality diamond and one of the substantial alluvial mining diamonds ever to be discovered.
  1. THE GOLDEN JUBILEE DIAMOND: Discovered in South Africa in 198, it was given a papal blessing by Pope John Paul II. This astonishing diamond weighs approximately 545.67 carats and is famous as the world’s largest faceted diamond. The diamond was presented to the King of Thailand in 1997 after it took experts a few years to cut and polish. Owned by the Royal Family of Thailand this is the largest finished diamond.  
  1. THE JONKER DIAMOND: Named after Johannes Jacobus Jonker, this diamond weighs 726 carats. He found the diamond in South Africa at the Elandsfontein mine in 1934. It was cut in an emerald shape into thirteen tinier pieces and each diamond weighed 142.90 carats. On the catalogue of stunning gemstones, the Jonker diamond keeps up the sixteen largest emerald cut, D colour diamond within the world.

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