Understanding the Oracle E-Business Suite

Does your business have increased costs and confusing system processes when it arrives at customer relationship management (CRP), or supply chain management (SCM), or enterprise resource planning (ERP). If so, then the Oracle E-Business Suite may be the perfect option for your business. Read this blog to discover what features the Oracle E-Business Suite can deliver to your company and enable productivity to rise.

What is the Oracle E-Business Suite?

Oracle E-Business Suite also denoted as EBS is an internet-enabled commodity that can be regulated from a single website. The suite was started in 2007 and delivers a mixture of product lines. EBS is a prominent benefactor to the enterprise resource planning (ERP) software market. EBS is furthermore an add-on to your prevailing Oracle database software. EBS comprises various applications that enable business management. These comprise consumer relationship management, supply chain management, human resources, financials, and more.

Outlines of E-Business Suite

EBS incorporates various features which are effective to any business. These features comprise the following:

  • Oracle CRM
  • Human Resource Management System (HRMS)
  • Oracle Logistics
  • Oracle Financials
  • Supply Chain Applications
  • Warehouse Management System
  • Transportation Management

Oracle CRM

Oracle CRM enables companies to manage front office procedures to boost customer relations and satisfaction. CRM comprises functionality for excerpt and order management. It also delivers marketing and call center applications.

Oracle Financials

Oracle Financials does barely what it states; it organizes a business’s financial circumstances. This incorporates accounts due and receivable, a general ledger, cash management, and travel and expenditures.


Human Resource Management is utilized to track and supervise all your worker data. This comprises payroll, privileges, training, and recruitment, and hiring.

Oracle Logistics

The logistics characteristic enables a business to regulate the flow of products and services. This comprises products appearing into and out of the warehouse.

Supply Chain Applications

This aspect entitles a business to organize inventory as associated with particular products they produce. For example, the supply chain application enables you to schedule and track fresh materials. This way output can be planned reliably.

Transportation Management

The transportation management system also denoted as TMS enables a company to organize the shipment of goods via highway, ship, rail, or air. The TMS can benefit from decreased freight costs for your company.

Warehouse Management System

This empowers the management of anything warehouse-related. This comprises the utilization of workers, equipment, and space to outperform and govern your company. The warehouse management system enables a systematic movement of goods through the distribution procedure.

Taking The Next Step

After encompassing particular facets of Oracle EBS, you may want to peruse the internet and discover a particular Oracle EBS software analysis. If you have agreed as a company to move ahead with purchasing this commodity, don’t ignore investing in an Oracle E-Business Suite tutorial. Furthermore, an Oracle E-Business Suite certification.

Gratifying Your Business Forward

The Oracle E-Business Suite is a strong mechanism for any company to enable managing day-to-day actions. Particularly when it arrives at personnel, logistics, or financials.

So now that you have agreed on the Oracle E-Business Suite is the right mechanism for your company, it’s time to take that agenda and put it into action.

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