WhatsApp has introduced two new features, know what’s new?

WhatsApp has been invariably giving rise to new features to improve the user experience on its platforms. The firm released the ‘view once’ feature for Android users the previous month itself, but was pending with its usage for the iOS users. Presently, this feature has been made usable for iOS as well with a new update. Does the iOS version have any new features or is it the same as the Android version?

WhatsApp View Once Feature Finally ready to use in iOS?

A new report by WABetaInfo indicates WhatsApp is now experimenting with the view once feature for iOS. Just like the already introduced Android version, this aspect will be first brought about available for the iOS beta versions. The company will be sending out a v2.21.140.9 update that will enhance this feature to the iOS beta version.

Just to outline, the view once the feature is related to Instagram’s disappearing photos characteristic. With this choice, a user can share/send images and videos that can be viewed only once. The sent media items don’t get stored/saved on the device memory hence expires/disappear after it’s viewed by the user.

It is worth speaking that WhatsApp and Instagram aren’t the only apps that have this choice. Snapchat was amongst the early to bring this choice of disappearing photos. Since the media files/documents don’t get stocked on the local storage of the sender or receiver’s phone, this comes to be one great privacy option.

Will There Any Difference Than The Android Version?

The view once feature, on iOS won’t be any distinct from Android in terms of functionality. The primary mode would be to send images/videos that self-destruct once viewed. While this comes off to be a privacy-centric feature, a missing/disappear option makes it susceptible against its counterparts such as Instagram and Snapchat.

The WhatsApp’s- view once feature doesn’t inform a user if the recipient has taken a screenshot of the sent media. We might discern this option in the future but until this alternative is released, the view once won’t be completely private.

WhatsApp hasn’t revealed when the safe version will be released for both Android and iOS platforms. Still, with the beta versions making their path to the devices some acknowledgements would likely happen soon.

Another feature that has been introduced is the new archive, functional for more users recently. When you obtain/receive a message from an archived chat, WhatsApp doesn’t convey the notification for the incoming message and the chat will remain in your archive. You can restore/get back the old archive from the settings of your WhatsApp for Android or iOS. If you don’t see these new features, there is nothing to be concerned about: WhatsApp is continuously improving the number of people that can employ these features, and using beta versions from your device/ phone could assist to get them.

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