Which countries are opening for travel & do Covid norms are still applicable?

 Since the outset of the Covid epidemic, the global tourism realm has been affected hard. Lockdowns and travel limitations have brought the tourism sector to its knees, but after one and a half years of the epidemic with vaccination campaigns and short positivity rates, there is a glint of hope for the industry. Still, the circumstance is not very favourable for tourism, but some countries have deliberately started to reopen their horizons partially or entirely in a bid to stimulate tourism. With safeguards and requesting people to follow Covid-19 protocols at all times, some nations are reopening their horizon  for International Tourism. Yet, India is still on the prohibited list in several countries given the covid crisis.

So, here is a list of all Nations that have reopened borders partially or completely for international travellers.

United Kingdom

The UK has returned to international travel from May 17 and classified countries into red, green or amber categories. At present, just a UK citizen from destinations on the “red list,” can immigrate the boundaries. The destinations under the “red list” comprise India, South Africa, Namibia, the United Arab Emirates, and more. Travellers from these red list destinations must quarantine in a motel on arrival and take two Covid-19 tests. For travellers from the green list country, a Covid-19 test on or before Day two after you enter the UK is a must. For the travellers from the amber list country, you must quarantine in the spot you’re staying in and take 2 Covid-19 tests.


Seychelles has unlocked its boundaries to completely vaccinate visitors from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh after 2 weeks they get their next dose of vaccine. Also, a negative RT-PCR test report is necessary. Apart from that, citizens from all countries, except South Africa, can tour Seychelles only after amassing full vaccination and a negative RT-PCR test is performed within 72 hours of departure. Along with that travellers should have reliable travel and health insurance to cover probable Covid-related costs.


Italy is authorizing access to tourists from countries that have entered a high level of vaccination percentages. Travellers arriving in Italy from a maximum of Europe are required to submit proof of a negative RT-PCR test taken within 48 hours before coming and 5 days’ quarantine is compelled before carrying a second Covid-19 antigen test. Travellers from the exterior of Europe, including Australia, Japan, New Zealand, South Korea and Thailand will have to discern the same steps and quarantine for ten days rather than five is necessary for them. Also, there are no limitations applied to visitors from Vatican City and San Marino.


Greece reopened its horizons to travellers on May 14 along with enforcing its own vaccine and testing prerequisites for tourists. At present, the nation is authorizing visitors who have been completely vaccinated and have a negative test from nations in the EU, the US, the UK and Israel.


The Maldives prohibited travellers from nations of South Asia, comprising India, Nepal, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Sri Lanka, as well as people who have been to these countries in the past 14 days. The isle country is available to tourists from all other destinations, and the travellers must have confirmation of a negative Covid test.


Austria is unlocking its horizons for just EU/Schengen citizens and visitors from Australia, Iceland, New Zealand, South Korea and the Vatican.


Spain is greeting vaccinated tourists from the U.S. and maximum countries, as well as European tourists who can verify they are not infected. Furthermore, travellers from Brazil, South Africa and India are prohibited at the moment because of high virus rates there.


France is authorizing travellers who have got a full dose of the four EU-approved vaccines: Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Moderna or Johnson & Johnson. Yet, Visitors are prohibited from 16 nations that are on a red list and it comprises India, South Africa and Brazil.

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